Glass’ evolution, some suggestions

Short link for PRESENTATION

I am a huge fan of Google Glass’ concept. The idea of having information pop up that only you can see to add context to whatever is in your line of sight is a wildly interesting technology.

I bought a Google Glass about 4 months ago and was totally OK w/ paying $1500. Since purchasing the Glass I have swayed between being euphoric about some features (e.g. POV camera) and disappointed about the product’s many shortcomings.

Recently I started cataloging all the changes I would make to Glass and wrote up a (not perfectly organized) power point presentation. More recently Google announced and released Android wear, which is very much in line with some of my suggestions, so I felt validated that my ideas were relevant and thought I should share them.

Hopefully some of my other ideas are in line w/ what Google is thinking, because a technology like a Glass is a certainty to be in your household, but not in its current form.

Without further ado … CLICK FOR PRESENTATION


* On re-reading my presentation, it is pretty poorly organized. The interesting ideas start around page 20 and the even better ones start at page 30, which is to say the first 20 are boring 🙂

  1. Piyush said:

    Filming should be blinking red LED visible to those being filmed – intuitive.

  2. A blinking red light is very intuitive, but for the ultra paranoid this light is software controlled and can be disabled while filming via software. This is actually a complaint with the current Glass. A shutter covering the camera does not have this issue.

    The reason I think the shutter is better is imagine yourself trying to convince someone who is angry at you for filming them that you weren’t filming them. With a blinking LED you have to sell them that you weren’t filming them, with a plastic shutter they will inspect it and believe you everytime

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